For us, the results have 2 undeniable parts:

• Ethical

• Financial sustainability

We are a company that generates quality and human excellence. For this reason, we always combined three parallel actions and commitments.


• Quality people

We employ 280 people, 80% of which have special needs or are at risk of social exclusion.

• A social brand

Established around the world

• Quality products

Ecologic and local


Alex Pujol

Jaume Bosch i Mestres


 Consell Comarcal del

Baix Llobregat

Representant: Xavi Paz

Penche (Vocal)

María Roser Corbella i Bofarull


Francisco Fernandez i Ontivei-os


Josep Miarnau Montserrat

( Vocal )

Bru Rovira i Jarque

( Vocal )

Francesc Vila Codina

( Vocal )

Marius Rubiralta i Alcañiz

( Vocal )


Àngela Jover

Eugenio Diaz

Francesc Vilà

Carme Ocaña

Eduarf Ponce

Sofia Carrasco

Elena Calendria

Josep Lluís Cleries i González


Abadia de Nostra Senyora de Montserrat

Representant: P. Sebastia M. Bardolet i Pujo!


Mercé Ódena i Vendrell


We are part of the Loyalty Foundation

(NGO that evaluates the performance of transparency and good practices


We have the certificate of Welfare and Citizenship of the Generalitat of Catalonia

Publication of the annual financial audit

We have a code of ethics endorsed by the Chair of Ethics at the University Ramon Llull, which is at your disposal.


Much is needed for this work, courage, thoughtfulness of many- consultants, volunteers, friends, administrations, organizations, and workers- all help nourish the recognition granted.


Throughout our history we have been joined by social enterprise organizations such as the Atades Association, Fundació  Corresponsables, Publisher Proteus ... who have continuously dedicated themselves  to raie the status of the workers and the dignity they deserved, in a competitive company like Cuina Justa.



Business Initiative Award for the struggle for dignity of people with mental frailties and social inclusion through their social and labor efforts.


Award for the most innovative initiatives in the field of sustainable Social Responsibility

Award in recognition of the job placement program for the especially fragile.

The  corporate social responsibility meets the objective of companies to contribute to society and to ensure a good life for all.

An important difference is the value placed on social concerns, inequalities, or the environment in today's society. That is why we work, among others, with:
- Caritas
- Aid to school cafeterias for children who lived in more precarious situations.
- Community of San Egidio
- NGOs, Nutrition without boarders
Cuina Justa, is a caring comapany, solidarity amid itineraries where the necessary rehabilitation activities of the social fabric are overlooked.


• Transparency and good practice report

• Company presentation

• Cuina Justa dossier

• Activities Report


Carretera Sta Creu de Calafell, 106.  ·  08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat. Barcelona (Spain)  ·  Tel. +34 93 630 32 34